I dedicate my writings to God.  I love being imperfect because I know the ONE who IS perfect.  I pray that God uses His Holy Spirit to guide my writings.

I dedicate my writings to my husband Josh and my sons Tyler and Ryan.  I want to thank my husband for unconditionally loving me (and apparently my tick) “in sickness and sickness” and “for worse or for worse” throughout the past 15 years of our crazy marriage lol.  I want to thank my sons for being the bravest and most compassionate boys that I could have ever wished for.  I am the proudest wife and mother and I am a better person because of the three of you in my life.

I dedicate my writings to my mother and father, Marcia and Mike, who are two of the bravest people I know. Thank you for being there for me every day of my life.  Thank you for helping to ease every burden of my life and to rejoice with me through every triumph of my life.  Thank you for the most comfortable and heavenly sent “shoulders to lean on”.  Thank you for unconditionally loving me and giving me to God.

I dedicate my writings to my brother, Mike.  Thank you for being my lifelong best friend.  Thank you for being by my side and for taking on the fight with me.  Thank you for your wife, Steph, the best “Doolan sister” I could have wished for.  You two have always been there for us in any and every way.  Thank you for your unconditional love.

I dedicate my writings to my mother and father-in-law Carole and Jim; to my sister-in-law Jess (my twin), and to Rod; to my brother-in-law Todd and to Jaime.  Thank you for being the extra love, the extra arms, legs, hands, hearts, and ears to listen whenever we needed it.  Thank you for loving me so much.  Thank you for the Hampton Beach memories which I have clung to in this fight.

I dedicate my writings to my nieces and nephews Emily, Derek, Cali, Casey, Chase, Kaylie, Reese, and Lila. Thank you for always loving your “Crazy Auntie Kelly”.

I dedicate my writings to “DowninGillTrav” (Suzan, Patrick and Brandon).  Your courageous battle with Lyme led me to my Lyme-literate doctor and my diagnosis.

I dedicate my writings to Michelle, Pete and Jack. You are the warriors and champions of disabilities and illnesses. I am inspired by your daily challenges and your undying spirit. Michelle thank you for your friendship; Pete thank you for your faithfulness and Jack thank you for your 7 year old spirit and spunk.

I dedicate my writings to my small/intimate Lyme support group that I feel blessed to be a part of.  We are “The Lyme with the Wind”…we are “The Avengers” (Pam, Becky, Joy, Lynda, Donna, Beth, and Tom).

I dedicate my writings to the “Greens” that have saved my life.  Thank you Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine (Dr. Greenspan and Lori Macey).  Our world is a better place because of compassionate people like you.  Thank you to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation – Greenbriar, for your daily smiles and your cheers; for the relationships and friendships that will last for the lifetime that you gave back to me.  Thank you to my PT, Steve Desaulniers and OT, Stacey Irek. You are my Luke and Leia and I will always be your C3PO.  Thank you for giving me back the moments that “take my breath away”.  May the force be with us always!

I dedicate my writings to the Durand family and, to YOU (friends and family from near and far, my lovable neighbors, past and present co-workers, Mr. Downing and Ms Kelly’s students and their families, our church family and prayer groups, and Tough Mudders). YOU are my “Kelly’s Heroes”.  YOU are the example that if “love can move Lyme Disease” then “love can move mountains” lol.  YOU are the inspiration for my writings…



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